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What a Wonderful World...
What a Wonderful World...


The beautiful things in life, the happy moments, the lovin' ones

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My sweet little treasure...

Thank you. my Dodie, for being there. You make me feel that I'm loved, kind and... useful... The prettiest and the most loveable little girl in the universe dearly loves me. You bring me light when I'm in the dark, you bring me love when I feel rejected and you give me all those marvelous hugs and kisses I need to make it. You're a shining star in the black sky tlling me that I must hang on, and, I won't give up... For you, my darling
. I hope that life will be kind to me this year, that I will be allowed to have your near me very often, the most as possible.
Big hugs, full of kisses for you sweetheart
Grand-maman Zon

Posted: 09:21, 1/1/2006
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Amazing Christmas...

I had nothing to do for Christmas this year... After two years in a row in a center for women, I deceided not to preview any party this year. My family, sisters and brother, don't invite me since three years I told to myself : «If I feel blue, I can go downtairs and celebrate with the women of my house». I was not expecting I would have the visit of my two sons who are, most of the time, busy partying somewhere with friends. Vincent came on the 24th after his working hours and stayed with me until the next afternoon. About an hour later, my youngest son, Antoine, with his gitlfriend, Issa, They stayed with me the rest of the afternoon and we had lunch together.... Sometimes, I think that it's often more fun when you don't prepare anything and pleasures appeared in their simplest way, all in a sudden. The essential values of mankind are preserved : love and sharing happiness with the people you care.

Posted: 06:02, 26/12/2005
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Bonne fête ma douce...

Beaucoup d'amour et de joie pour tes trois ans. Que tous ceux qui t'aiment pense à toi et agissent pour ton bonheur ma belle chouette...
Mille bisous et tout plein de câlins
Ta grand-maman Zon qui t'aime plus que tout au monde

Posted: 09:30, 22/12/2005
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